Transformation And The Things They Carried Essay Sample

Transformation And The Things They Carried Essay Sample

… perceive, let alone attain.
However, one the individual has entered The Way, he will begin to undergo an internal transformation (Chittick 11). If he is an individual who is destined to reach spiritual perfection, he will climb the ascending rungs …

… exercises which include three outstanding factors:
1. Abstinence and control of physical functions.
2. Poverty including independence from material things.
3. Emotional liberation through such exercises as overcoming avoidable obstacles,and playing a party in order to observe the reactions …

… Sufism uses the normal organization of “the world” as a training ground, the three “deaths” always involve specific enterprises carried out in human society, leading to the spiritual experiences marked by the three “deaths” and the successive “rebirth” or transformation …

… will bite your finger saying Alas
That bright moon was hidden under a cloud
I did not do what they told me for my good.
Now house and treasure are lost and my hand is empty.

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