Trend in OS Server and Desktop Supremacy Essay

Trend in OS Server and Desktop Supremacy Essay

The trend for OS server and desktop supremacy is continuously being waged by the major players in the Information Technology industry. Though Microsoft lords over its competitors, the ever volatile market share presently shifts to either one of its competitors endangering the supremacy and almost monopoly of power being enjoyed by Microsoft.

According to, Microsoft is still the dominant operating system among Net users, adding that 9 out of 10 personal computers on the planet use it. But on a recent trend in the Information Technology industry, the usage of Microsoft’s OS system has ‘slipped’ in recent months (“COMPTIA SMARTBRIEF, 2009).

This then led to the intrusion of other competitors of Microsoft to take a share of the market cake. “Apple’s Mac OS X,” according to COMPTIA SMARTBRIEF (2009), “has made the greatest gains.” Apples’s operating system now has increased by 9.73% in the past several months. Next in that came in the picture is Linux which surpassed “1% of web users” only last month.

The obvious emergence of Apple’s Mac OS X has long been in the offing. Schwartz (2003) reported this eventuality or possibility when Apple unveiled its partnership with Sysbase in the creation of Xserve boxes and the Mac OS X. Along with the creation of server and OS system was the introduction of WebDNA.50 enterprise edition.

“WebDNA is a scripting language with a built-in database for generating Internet-based business applications,” reported Schwartz (2003). “… A deal with Sysbase” includes the task of being a co-marketer of its “content management solution and conduct joint technical development of an application stack…”

Meanwhile, as Chris Howard (2008) stated, Apple Computer is ‘killing’ Linux on the desktop market share. Since these two desktop software are eager to replace XP and Vista of Microsoft, both are elbowing each other to get a chunk of what Microsoft already has.

Below is a graph on how these two desktop software are competing with each other in order to get a chunk of Microsoft’s market share: (degree in percentage.)


The graph shows the steady growth in terms of market share of Mac OS X in the past couple of years, specifically during 2006 and 2007.

In January 2006, Apple’s Mac OS X has grown up to 4.1%, then after 12 months it has reach a growth rate of 5.7%. At the end of the following year, 2007, the growth in the market share of Mac OS X has reached 7.1%.

On the other hand, Linux (the third player in the desktop race) has been a laggard with growth rate of .29% to .63%.

If we are going to study a quick SWOT analysis of Apple Computer as a danger to the supremacy of Microsoft in terms of desktop and OS market share, one will surely find why Apple tends to be the leading player on the attempt to snatch huge chunk of Microsoft market share. Since the very beginning of the use of personal computers and Internet, the two has been on each other’s neck trying to kick the other out of the race in the information technology.

Source: Datamonitor (2009)

There is no doubt that Apple has a strong brand image. Whatever it brings in the market industry is being taken seriously and considered about. Though it runs at second place behind Microsoft as the most dominant player in the information technology industry, its stature in the business is even more cemented by its strong financial performance; this is mainly brought about by the loyalty and reputation its name has earned in the information technology industry. With loyal patrons and consumers patronizing its new launched product, the financial aspect of Apple is so robust that it can not be shaken down. It may play as a second fiddle for Microsoft in terms of supremacy in the desktop and OS market share, yet its innovative products and software are still bought by its followers.

Another thing that set Apple Computer as ocean wide apart from its other competitors trying to snatch the leadership in the industry from Microsoft is its vaunted focus on research and development.


There is no doubt that Microsoft is the leading and biggest player that gets the huge chunk of OS server and desktop market share. Yet, it can not be denied that since the last several years that have gone by, other competitors are inching their way in taking a big portion of this market share being enjoyed lavishly by Microsoft.

In terms of OS server, there is the unstoppable effort of Apple’ Mac OS X to take a credit as the next thing better than Microsoft’s XP and Vista. Since the launching of this Apple’s OS, it has steadily earned followers and put the software of Apple next behind the OS servers of Microsoft as the most dominant OS servers in the industry. Though there is Linux trying to steal the show from these two players; but in vain as of the present.

Given the Microsoft is still the leading company that owns OS servers and desktop software that dominates the market share, the trend, as it is being showed by what is happening around the globe, is the slow but sure penetration of the market by dominant players such as Apple and the rest of big players in the industry.


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