Trip to Vegas Essay

Trip to Vegas Essay

The story happened four years back when I had gone to Vegas with my daughter. There I really found the one who was waiting for me and whom I was waiting for. It seems to be a romantic story but it is a real story happened in my life which drastically changed my life and brought enormous happiness in my life. When she arrived in my life with a sweet prince, after a long time I started trusting on God’s grace once again.

Life was not at all easy for me after the death of Rosie, My wife. My daughter Linda was the only reason and intention of my life. Her upbringing was really a challenge for me and Linda, my dear child is very sagacious and affectionate who has got immense maturity in her tender age of 7. Her vacations had just started and this time I promised her I would take her to Las Vegas for a great picnic. I couldn’t break her heart though I was desperately busy in a project of my company. After all, my daughter was the first priority for me and her happiness was the most important thing for me. After a planning we decided to fly to Las Vegas, one of the most beautiful and hot picnic spots in America. I did not know that my life was really going to change and taking a very new and a very amazing shape.

The major attractions for Linda were the Aquarium at Silverton Hotel, Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and the spectacular fountains at Bellagio, MGM Grand Lion Habitat and many more. She had already picked up the information about the city and various spots of attraction at Las Vegas. From the very first day of our trip we were enjoying each and every moment. One incident happened which suddenly changed my life as well as my daughter’s. It was a pleasant morning. We were sitting in a garden near to our hotel. Suddenly a small boy of the same age of Linda came to us and he asked Linda whether she would like to play ball with him. Linda was excited because she was also searching for a playmate. The boy was looking like an Indian. He was enough fair with curly hair and cat eyes. I like him very much and I don’t know why but I was eager to know about him. I asked him his name. He very smartly uttered, “Ishan.”

“Ishan, beautiful name…But what is the meaning of your name?” I asked him

Again very smartly and intelligently he asked, “Uncle, you don’t know the meaning of name?”

“No,” I agreed honestly.

“Ishan is a name of one of the Greatest Hindu God, Vishnu.” He replied.

Now suddenly I realized that I had not yet asked him about his parents.

“Ishan, Where are your Daddy and your Mom?” observing here and there I asked him.

Before he replied anything a lady of came to him.

“Ishan, What are you doing here beta?”

I couldn’t stop myself from gazing her. She seemed to be of about 30 years old with an Indian style costume. She was fair skinned, skinny with brown eyes and very sharp nose. She was no doubt an extraordinarily beautiful lady.

She smiled at me. Her smile was really very beautiful because it was very transparent and candid smile.

“I am sorry Sir, Does my son give you trouble? He is very fidget and can’t be steady at one place.”

“Its ok madam. no problem at all. Rather your son is very intelligent, sharp and social.” No sooner our conversation started than the two children ran away for playing. Now they were playing and enjoying each other company as if they knew each other for long years. The position of the lady became quite awkward as she could not resist her son from playing.

“You seem to be Indian, am I right madam?” I started the conversation to make her free.

She gave me a very sweet beautiful smile and nodded.

“I am from India and now settled down in America. Here I am staying with my son Ishan.”

“Oh what do you do here? Unknowingly I started taking interest in her.

“I am a professor of management in Detroit.”

I did not keep myself away from the temptation of asking her her name.

I am Gayatri. May I know your name? While giving me a sharp look she asked me.

Her eyes were extremely beautiful and it looked deep like an ocean.

“Oh I am Allan. Allan Blake. Nice to see you Gayatri.” I held out my hand to shake hand her. She chuckled on the way I pronounced her name. After some time she called Ishan who loitered in playing with Linda. He was very reluctant to go with his mother. Linda also became nervous that her playmate was going.

She came to Linda, She kissed her on her cheeks very affectionately and said, “Eh, Sweet fairy. Don’t get nervous. Tomorrow I will bring your playmate here. I promise you my dear child. And like a small and innocent child she held her neck with her two fingers. Linda also took promise from her and both of them disappeared.

In the night I was restless without any reason. I was waiting for the next morning. Why I was waiting? And for whom? I couldn’t understand. That was the first night after the death of Rosie that I was not at all thinking about Rosie but about somebody else, perhaps about …. Gayatri

Within a week Linda and Ishan had come very close to each other. We four used to go for hoteling, shopping. There was a group formed among us as if we were the family members. To my surprise I was coming closer to Gayatri and started knowing about her life which was full of hardship. In India she married to a person who brought her in America and later on she came to know that he was already married. It was a great shock to her. She couldn’t return back to India because she had married to the person despite of the strong opposition of her family. He left her when she was pregnant. It was really hard for her to face the life but extreme care of her was taken by one of her friends Rashmi.

Gayatri gave birth to Ishan and took a job in one of the management school in Detroit and now living alone with her only son.

In the early morning that day I was called by one of my reputed customers to finalize an order. I had to leave Vegas because the order was from a very big party and a very lucrative one. So I decided to catch a flight at 10 O’clock in the morning. It was 7 and three hours were there for me. I was strongly missing Gayatri. Linda was burst into tears because she was involved with Ishan and Gayatri. She was not ready to leave Vegas. I phoned Gayatri and told her that I had to go back. Gayatri took Linda into her arms and cajoled her with her sweet talk. It was now a time for taking decision. If I didn’t do it now I couldn’t do it anytime. I would miss something very precious from my life. Linda helped me disclose my mind by asking Gayatri a much unexpected question. “Can I call you Mummy?” Gayatri suddenly looked at me. I was gazing at her and she blushed. I told Ishan and Linda to play outside for sometime. Both of them went out. Gayatri was standing in a very awkward position. I went very close to her, took her charming hand in my hand and whispered in her ear. “Can you be the mother of my Linda Dear?” Tears were rolling from her eyes. I took her in my arms and finally confessed how dearly I love her.

“Do you love me Gayatri?” I pinched her chin and looked into her deep brown eyes and asked.

“Yes I do … But…” I put my finger on her lips. “No sweetheart, no more… I don’t want to hear anything else.” And I kissed her lips.

I am very thankful to Vegas. This city is known as the city of fortune. And finally I got my fortune here, a sweet son and a sweet beloved. How can I forget this city?

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