Turnig Point In Life Essay Sample

Turnig Point In Life Essay Sample

… Jane Eyre as one of the most inspiring novels I have ever read. The novel allowed me to view life in a woman’s wide perspective, as how Jane Eyre had demonstrated in the story. Though independent and battling the challenges of life alone, Jane never came to a point of giving up. Though a woman, considered to be weak and dependent to men by society, I learned from the novel that anyone, as Jane did, could beat the odds of life and become successful through one’s own determination and courage.

Jane Eyre is an inspiring novel because of …

… be an effective motivation for those who experiences problems in life and for those who feels like giving up in life’s trials.

Jane’s character inspired me because of her strength and determination. After reading the novel, I thought to myself that should I encounter any problems in life, I will just think of Jane’s willpower. If she was able to defeat the obstacles and oppressions in her life, then, I can do the same in my life. Considering Jane’s gender, her character is even more inspiring – indeed a role model to women in any century, and …

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