Tv Violence Affecting Aggressive Teenage Behavior Essay Example

Tv Violence Affecting Aggressive Teenage Behavior Essay Example

… Acker, 1997).
Van Acker’s findings in his report illustrate how environment plays a greater role in influencing and reinforcing aggressive behavior in the early childhood stage and crucially into the adolescent stage of human development. External factors in the environment, therefore, become influential in affecting and altering a child’s behavior, which might lead to aggression. One of the most prevalent and powerful source of stimuli …

… the television and online (Internet) medium. Since the mass media is the most accessible and entertaining source of information in today’s information technology age, there is great potential that an individual’s behavior may transcend towards aggression, especially when violent programs are uninhibitedly shown to the child/adolescent viewer. However, despite the influence of broadcast and online media in ‘encouraging’ aggressive behavior, parental guidance and early …

… York: Routledge.
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