U S Virgin Islands Culture Essay Sample

U S Virgin Islands Culture Essay Sample

… human resources system so that all aspects of the employment process are smoother and more transparent. The office has, over the past decade, experienced a certain amount of problems in its staffing especially in terms of overstaffing.
This paper looks at this ongoing problem in the government of the Virgin Islands, which involves both questions over the size of the government payroll and disagreements over how two different classes of government employees should be used.
A brief overview of the office’s current structure seems in order. The office employs two different types of government employees: classified and unclassified. All …

… expenditure of the Virgin Islands Government. In recent years, the aggregate payroll cost has outpaced General Fund’s revenues collections and the Government’s ability pay compensation expenditures as the following chart indicates:

Aggregate Total Salary Costs
Filled Positions (FY 1995-FY 1999)
Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands

FY 1995 FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
General Fund 217,343,012 226,021,885 227,724,622 244,756,902 241,366,549
Other Funds 30,816,712 31,857,093 33,548,671 42,640,032 48,996,936

Source: Office of Management and Budget …

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