Underage Drinking Summary Essay Sample

Underage Drinking Summary Essay Sample

… The Problem of Drinking and School

You drink. You get drunk. No problem? It’s more than a problem; it’s a disaster and a death sentence. You can no longer deny that America has a drinking problem. America’s youth is functioning with alcohol-bathed brains, and the effects are starting to show. An alcohol-related traffic accident results in a death every twenty-two minutes, and every minute of every day, one out of fifty drivers on the road is drunk . If the maiming isn’t bad enough, the tab for drinking is $25,000 per minute and …

… , and he will tell you differently. If only he hadn’t gotten drunk. Well, it’s too late for him, but it’s not too late for you.
Bars are not a forum for the development of the mind and spirit. They are pits of misery and denial. The underage college student hiding in the corner so he isn’t asked for his ID knows this. How can you develop your mind when you are cowered in a corner avoiding discovery and spending 50 percent of your energy just trying to get that drink in peace? You aren’t getting …

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