Underwriting Essay Sample

Underwriting Essay Sample

… the employer.
Question Responses:
1) There is no doubt that urine testing, along with other types of employee testing, should be permitted in the work place. There are many jobs in which the employees action could have a negative impact on many other people and even place lives at risk. In addition, companies have a responsibility to the community to set an example against drug use and they also have a right to lower their costs and provide a safe working environment for their employees. Additionally, recreational drug use is against the law and employers should not been as underwriting this type of activity by not doing anything about it. These interests tend to override the privacy rights of the employee, but urine testing should not be discriminatory nor a weapon. Also, if less intrusive methods can be found to control the drug related problems in the work place it should be used.

2) Designing an appropriate testing program for employees is certain to be a difficult task. However, since there is no doubt that drug testing has to be part of working today, the following guidelines are offered.
The people should not be tested unless they show signs od …

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