Unilever Detergent Strategy Essay Sample

Unilever Detergent Strategy Essay Sample

… a beachhead in the economy. The clothing industry is starting to feel the effects of nanotech. Eddie Bauer, for example, is currently using embedded nanoparticles to create stain-repellent khakis. This seemingly simple innovation will impact not only khaki-wearers, but dry cleaners, who will find their business declining; detergent makers, who will find less of their product moving off the shelf; and stain-removal makers, who will experience a sharp decrease in customers. This modest, fairly low-tech application of nanotechnology is just the small tip of a vast iceberg–an iceberg that threatens to sink even the “unsinkable …

… is a highly competent organization and has many core competencies that it can use to bring itself into other realms of operations and new areas of performance. However, the basic and most important core competency at Applied Nanotech is: a complete understanding of nanotechnology.
It appears that the current strategy at Applied Nanotech, is falling very short of the potential for the organization. It has the limited vision of seeing itself as an IT organization, creates strategic alliances primarily from this field, and does not see the potential around it. According to Aaker (2001) , there are many strategies available to …

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