Unionization Laws Essay Sample

Unionization Laws Essay Sample

… and socially, but not economically free to chose anything other but slave wages to work for.
Unionization was one way in which workers attempted to ‘speak’ as a larger voice, to ask the government and their employees to ensure that they could work under fair conditions. “The Recent Strikes” by the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad attempted to confuse the issue of enslavement by stressing that railroad workers attempt to curtail the freedom of entrepreneurs to set fair wages. Ironically, Allan Pinkerton’s essay upon the sort of surveillance employed by workers in “Strikers, Communists, Tramps and Detectives,” indicated how …

… invisible hand of the market and the choice of the consumer and employer cannot become an iron fist of tyranny. Although industrialization may not have been a system of enslavement in fact, in practice it nearly did until finally individuals in later eras were protected with right to work laws and proper controls of their hours and working conditions.

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