Universal Ethical Value Term Paper Essay Sample

Universal Ethical Value Term Paper Essay Sample

… the company condoned and took an active role in the conversion of the polices.
The scope of this paper is limited to the specific case of converting life insurance polices and the ethics of tricking someone into purchasing a …

… because of the new policies that were issued.
„X Prudential Investors: The shareholders at Prudential stood to see the value of their stock drop and to lose a great deal of money. They also stood to make money if the …

… needs of the client, make restitution, a and still maintain their credibility with their clients, while stabilizing its company.
Ethical Gap, SWOT and Analysis
Prudential made some very serious mistakes when it dealt with this issue. In fact, it created …

… ?
2. Is it balanced? Is it fair to be concerned with the short-term as well as the long-term? Does it promote win-win relationships?
3. How will it make me feel about myself? Will it make me proud …

… gap is huge. Kant contended that we should seek a moral imperative or universal law. Would one want a universal law that it is okay to trick people out of money then not give it back? The answer is no …

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