Unpleasant Moment Essay Sample

Unpleasant Moment Essay Sample

… the theater, with its massive screen and booming sound. As the curtain rises and the lights dim in the theater, the largeness of the screen coupled with the severity of the sound echoing in the vest room casts a serious drape over the waiting audience. The silence in that moment is solid, somehow tangible.
At this time, the viewer becomes slightly more aware of the people around him. Depending on the viewer’s feelings about the general public, he or she may relish the camaraderie of watching a movie with a group. He may be amused by a wiseacre in …

… has attached itself to his shoe.
These factors may be a boon if the viewer does not mind sitting in one spot for an hour or two. The movie begins and ends with a definitiveness that makes it an encapsulated event. For many people, in spite of some occasional unpleasant drawbacks, this is the perfect movie-watching environment. On the other hand, watching the movie on video allows the viewer to pause whenever and for whatever reason she wants. The viewer can begin watching the movie on Monday night, turn it off to do something else, and resume the movie …

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