Updike John Poem Ex Basketball Player Essay Sample

Updike John Poem Ex Basketball Player Essay Sample

… attitudes toward people of color. He attended a non-segregated school, and although his scholastic abilities were marginal, his basketball prowess was apparent even back then.
Charles and his two brothers, Darryl and John, were raised by their mother and grandmother. Their mother, Charcey Mae Glenn, worked as a domestic for middle-calss whites.She never discussed her work with her sons, and work and responsibility were …

… giving him more incentive to succeed.
Upon completion of his high school studies, he attended Auburn University on a basketball scholarship. Again, he was not known for his scholastic abilities. He honed his basketball skills, with the aide of Coach Smith. During the time at Auburn, he witnessed and was part of spiffs given to students by agents for different professional teams. He has contended that the …

… the hill ” players, but Charles was a newcomer to the pro circuit, so that was not an option. Charles was able to grab a salary slot, opened up by the cutting of a player named Leo Rautins. H signed with a salary of $150,000 for his first year in professional basketball 1984-85.
The salary cap was enacted March 31, 1984, to ensure all basketball teams …

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