Urban Agriculture In India Essay Sample

Urban Agriculture In India Essay Sample

… majority of their population lives in rural areas, it is obvious that a large portion of their workforce is engaged in the agricultural sector. But though higher percentage of workforce is involved in agriculture, there are not enough employment opportunities for everyone in this sector. Therefore surplus labor is not gainfully employed which means that even though most people are engaged in agriculture, many of them are …

… But according to Lewis urbanization should be encouraged as it leads to more development. However this has not proved to be the case in many less developed urban centers such as Bombay in India or Karachi in Pakistan. Such urban centers are not well prepared to deal with rapid urbanization, which is becoming a burden on city’s limited resources. So how does Lewis model fit into …

… or else unemployed surplus labor would result in urban poverty, which is definitely more detrimental to development than rural poverty.
Lewis Model doesn’t take into account the problem of surplus labor in urban centers. Secondly it doesn’t discuss the problem of limited resources, which is why his approach has failed to produce desired result in most less developed countries.
1) W.A. Lewis, “Economic …

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