Ursula S Book The Dispossessed Essay Sample

Ursula S Book The Dispossessed Essay Sample

… came in 1946, but O’Neill’s prowess as a playwright had waned and in the meantime he destroyed most of the seven plays that were meant for A Tale of Possessors Self-Dispossessed. A Touch of a Poet was originally the third play in the cycle.
A Touch of Poet, has a familiar enough theme for those who are familiar with O’Neill’s work; the …

… warning that men in the Hanford family are dreamers and that :
the Hanfords never part with their dreams even when they deny them, They cannot. That is the family curse. For example, this book Simon plans to write to denounce the evils of greed and possessive ambition, and upholding the virtue of freeing one’s self from the lust of power and saving our souls by being …

… s all. Come on to bed,now, I’ll help you undress and tuck you in. Shame on you to cry when you have love. What would the young lad think of you?
The curtain falls.
As a dramatist, O’Neill had more than a touch of a poet in his own nature. What he did not have, however, was true poetry of style which makes for …

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