How to use a Resume Wizard

How to use a Resume Wizard

Writing a resume sounds like a simple task. You have so many ideas on how to write your resume but when you actually start writing, you will realize that it is not easy. Deciding on the format is difficult and you do not know what kind of layout will impress your prospective employer. What do you do next? You look up the internet for help.

You will find the following ways in which you can prepare a quality resume:

  • Download a resume template
  • Use a Resume Wizard
  • Sign up with a Resume Writing Service

A resume template can be easily downloaded and you can fill in your data, but this has a disadvantage. Your resume may not be unique as the format you have downloaded may be used by many others.

Using a Resume Wizard is the better option. First of all, what is a wizard? It is a computer utility which simplifies an otherwise complicated task by asking questions to the user and performing the task based on his replies.

In the case of resume writing, the resume wizard will create your resume step by step depending on the answers and information you give at each juncture.

The procedure of preparing a resume using a wizard:

There are many resume formats available and you need to select one depending on the kind of resume you want. You may want functional resumes, a manager resume or any other type of resume. Choose a suitable format from the choice available. The resume wizard will then query you on each and every item to be included in your resume and you have to provide the answers which will appear in the resume.

Once you finish you will have a professional looking resume.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Ease of use:

    Resume wizards are very simple. In-depth knowledge of computers is not necessary. You just have to follow the steps prompted by the wizard.

  • Takes very little time:

    If  you were to start writing the resume from scratch, it would consume a lot of your time. When you use a resume wizard, the entire resume will be ready within a matter of minutes.

  • Offers flexibility:

    If you have prepared your resume using a wizard, you can easily make modifications in the same resume at a future date, .

  • Professional Look:

    Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can prepare a resume which looks professional.

  • Cost:

    Most of the resume wizards are available free of cost.

In spite of all the advantages, resume wizards have their limitations. For instance, it will not suggest the resume format best suited for you. It is automated and there is absolutely no personal interaction.

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