Useful Freelance Writing Applications

Useful Freelance Writing Applications

Freelancers naturally spend a lot of time at their computers doing marketing, research and writing. With the popularity of apps, there are a lot of applications and programs available to make freelancing an easier and more streamlined process for writers. There are applications for a variety of different needs.

One of the most pressing needs for any freelancers is collection. Being self-employed, freelance writers are responsible for collecting payments for their work. In an ideal world, clients would pay as promised and on time. Unfortunately, there is no business that does not have to deal with demanding pay from clients – and this includes freelancing. Here are some tools to assist in dealing with invoicing, collections, and accounting for freelancing businesses.

  • Quickbooks or Quicken – these two are popular business financial software programs available for small or home based businesses.
  • LessAccounting – a program designed to take the hassle out of accounting. Allows for import for others softwares like Quickbooks and offers additional features like invoicing, proposals, contact database, and specialised reporting.
  • Billing Orchard – a pay per month invoicing and billing service.

Another important issue for freelancers is there ability to balance and make the best use of their time. The expression ‘time is money’ is a very true statement for freelancing as the amount of time worked will determine how many projects get completed and paid for. Managing a freelancer’s time requires self discipline and any tool that helps with this process can be beneficial.

SlimTimer and Harvest are time tracking tools to keep up with how much work is getting done in regards to timing. SlimTimer is an actual timer and Harvest is a time tracking and invoicing software. There are timesheet softwares, timing applications, and ways to track time for teams.

In addition to using applications be sure to avoid many of the common mistakes freelancers fall into.

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