What Values Does King Lear Possess Essay Sample

What Values Does King Lear Possess Essay Sample

… in the King Lear, Fifth Business, and Great Gatsby all have a certain personality flaw that makes them stumble on their mistakes. Eventually, they realize their shortcomings, either early enough to adjust own behavior (Dunny Ramsay) or too late to be able to change anything (King Lear and Great Gatsby).
The character of King Lear is trapped in the vicious circle of conceit and pride which lead to his ultimate downfall. The demise, however, did have some salvation attributes. The hero has learned a lesson and the crux of the play was relieved with the play tragic ending. Lear is …

… and security of another man to his prosperity.
Dunny Ramsay in Fifth Business experiences a sequence of crises and life-changing experiences throughout the novel. As he grew older, he realized that he could hardly find his place with a worldview instilled in him by traditional societal norms and values. The fall from grace began when he refused to be controlled by his mother in a whipping accident. Next, he started questioning the validity of religion. Another eye-opening experience was him finding Mrs. Dempster having sex with a tramp. Every successive accident makes Dunny, the protagonist of the story …

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