The Walking Drum By Louis L Amour Essay Sample

The Walking Drum By Louis L Amour Essay Sample

… “The Warrior’s Path” by Louis L’Amour

The Warrior’s Path by Louis L’Amour tells the story of a family named the Sacketts that traveled in the “wilderness” along what is referred to as the “warrior’s path.” The warrior’s path is an old warpath that is characterized as treacherous and dangerous. The Sacketts were strong men wandering through wild forests and high mountains in an attempt to find peace out of the chaotic savage wild lands.

The Sackett family encountered many difficulties living such a life, including attacks from bears and not so friendly Indian …

… when necessary to resolve issues. Yance and Kin as family are also representative of strongly bound friends and partners. The Warrior’s Path is actually an old war trail that stretches from Chatanooga to Boston. Along the way the Sackett’s discover that a group of white slavers kidnapped the girl as a way to increase tensions between white settlers and the Indians. In colonial times, such ruthless actions were not unheard of.

Kin and his brother Yance enlist the help of an Ashanti warrior, and eventually are able to rescue the girl and return her to her family. They …

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