Walt Disney: Company Description and Overview

Walt Disney: Company Description and Overview

Walt Disney is a company whose main focus is to provide its audiences with family friendly and diverse experiences whether it be at one of their several resort locations or while watching their various television stations.

Their main headquarters is located in Burbank, California. This company provides entertainment through various divisions. Their media network includes channels such as ABC Family, ESPN, Disney Channel, and ABC News. Disney also provides various parks and resort in several locations such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, and Hong Kong as well as the United States. They have various resorts such as Aulani Resort and spa. They also have a cruise line as well as their most popular park, Disneyland. They also own several production studios such as Marvel, Pixar, Touchstone, as well as Disney’s own production segments. This company also reaches out to consumers through their Disney stores. They also have a publishing and licensing companies. And lastly, the have interactive sites that provide family friendly media for children.

According to the company report for the 2013 fiscal year, in their media networks the made an increase in cable networks, but decreased in broadcasting due to the increase of the cost of programing. For parks and resorts, revenue increased by 7 percent. Studio entertainment decreased by 2 percent. The revenue for consumer product rose 4 percent, while interactive decreased by 7 percent.

This firm participates in a few different industries such as television, sports media, radio, theme park and resort, film distribution, animated and live action film production, retail, licensing, publishing, and interactive entertainment. Its top competitors include Six Flags, CBS, Twenty First Century Fox, and Comcast. The competition pool in the television industry is large. Although Disney is one of the more favored stocks, it is not reasonably priced, and investors are looking toward Six Flags as another alternate. Disney also has been having some growth.

I would be interested in working for this company because they seem to be family oriented. And they are a well-established company that is very popular. It has been around for long time and they are continuing to grow.

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