Was War In The North Inevitable Essay Sample

Was War In The North Inevitable Essay Sample

… northerners stood to lose if slavery was abolished, and not all northerners wanted to interfere with this now-southern practice.
With the philosophy of “Manifest Destiny” accepted by the American government, war to bring Texas into the United States was inevitable. The Mexican War (1846 – 1848) started new arguments about whether slavery should be allowed in the new territories was hotly debated and increased distrust between Northern and Southern politicians (Harcourt, 1999).
The Compromise of 1850 tried to balance the growing opposition to slavery with the South’s preference to continue it. It set down a Fugitive Slave Law, where …

… split between north and south.
Meanwhile, some representatives of southern states met in Tennessee. All were strongly in favor of states’ rights and wanted no federal interference with slavery, but most did not want to leave the union, and this meeting by itself did not cause a split between the North and the South.
As new states, formed, racial issues continued. The new state of Indiana passed a law that no Blacks could live there. Northern workers saw their job market grow tighter and tighter from immigrants as well as free Blacks, and saw race as a job issue. Many …

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