Weakness Of Political Neutrality Essay Sample

Weakness Of Political Neutrality Essay Sample

… taken place. Instruments have been analyzed statistically to see that they are internally consistent but not that mean what users think they mean. Presumption that assessments indicate quality of teaching, appropriateness of curricula, and progress of the reform movement – commonplace presumptions in political and media dialogue is unwarranted. Proper validation would tell us the strength or weakness of our conclusions about student accomplishment. Those studies have not been commissioned. The most needed validation of statewide assessment programs has not taken place” (p. 3).
According to Stake (2003), assessment dramatically changes the way that teachers provide instruction as well as how …

… section of the questionnaire
• Questions will be developed in order to obtain measures of variance, which will permit the creation of a scale
• Since the two participant schools are located within the same area, cultural bias should be limited
• Intelligent responses will be sought, and it is anticipated that neutrality will be achieved
• Difficult questions will be managed by specifications, which will guide participants in framing their answers
The questionnaire will be approximately three pages in length, and will provide participants with ample space to provide intelligent, thought-provoking responses regarding alternative forms of assessment for mathematics coursework.

The …

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