What Are The Weaknesses And Threats For Lowes Company Essay Sample

What Are The Weaknesses And Threats For Lowes Company Essay Sample

… Overview/Problem Statement. According to the article the problems that Patagonia has are poof financial management and questionable hiring practices. It seems that the company is more concerned with social and environmental activism than with the financial management of the company. The hiring practices of the company have also been a problem. Despite warnings from management professionals, Chounard hired a large workforce of employees that shared his …

… the environment and that the financial problems that the company faces must be addressed.
Proposed Management Solution. Chounard and his management team had to decide what the most responsible course of action would be; to use business as a catalyst for change or to close the business. Chounard chose to continue with the business but with a new business plan that is designed to last 100 years …

… way that employees are treated. They are allowed an ample amount of vacation time and the company is among Fortune‚Äôs 100 best companies to work for. In addition, the company produces a high quality product.
Weaknesses. The major weakness of the company is poor management. Poor management decisions have forced the company to restructure and lay off employees. In addition, the company has suffered because of …

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