Web Advertisement Papers Essay Sample

Web Advertisement Papers Essay Sample

… most from their company websites. Because consumers are already familiar with the names of large businesses, web surfers will directly look for these websites. Allowing customers to order directly through an online catalog will increase sales, especially to rural areas and internationally. Moreover, large companies can afford high-end web design, cataloging, and databases, as well as the ability to conduct secure transactions. Even companies that do not offer their goods or services directly for sale online will benefit from web presence: it would seem inappropriate for a reputable large business to be without a website.
Some small businesses will …

… a site that is not updated or that doesn’t provide secure transactions can actually be a turn-off for consumers. Moreover, websites need to be strategically placed in search engines for them to garner enough hits. However, a well-designed, simple site will at least serve as an advertisement. Some small local companies could survive fine with a simple website that contains company contact information.

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