Welty Eudora Essay Sample

Welty Eudora Essay Sample

… unreal character manages to leave a lasting impact because of the sheer creative genius of the authors. This is exactly what happens with the protagonists of the two novels that we shall be discussing in this paper. The first character comes from the novel, The Ponder Heart, written by Eudora Welty. And the other is that of Lester Ballard who plays the lead role in Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God.

The reason why we find a comparison between these two characters interesting is because they fall at the two extreme ends of characterization spectrum. On the one end, we …

… Edna who simply cannot comprehend why her uncle cannot behave properly. She knows that the man possess unusually generous heart but wonders if this generosity may somehow be connected with insanity. For example who would give away everything they own, even the cemetery lot that was meant for them. (Welty, 8) Daniel doesn’t intend to be funny but somehow whatever he does, appears so removed from norms and conventions that readers cannot help being amused. Critically speaking however such a perfectly innocent and ‘too good’ a character is quite unrealistic and thus cannot be identified with. But the fact …

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