Wendy S Industry Environment Essay Sample

Wendy S Industry Environment Essay Sample

… culture, but the basic idea of family restaurant remains the same.
In other countries, McDonald’s has less competition with similar products, since there is no major funding for other restaurants to grow their business as fast as McDonald’s does. Main competition only happens in capital cities, where Wendy’s and Burger King also open their outlets for example. With less crowded area, competition with other burger merchandiser is low, however McDonald’s could be competing with local cuisines in traditional restaurants. Although they have different mission from McDonald’s, traditional restaurants should be considered in the market share …

… society needs, creating acceptable programs, and introducing new menu that they can enjoy to their taste, with inexpensive price, hygienic environment, and speedy delivery. McDonald’s shows how the restaurant can fit the need for all people. It facilitates young adults with crunchy meals and patio table to hang out with friends, businesspeople to grab some sundaes before returning to the office, and children to invite their friends in economic but satisfying birthday parties.

b. Impact of Trends on Industry Structure
After McDonald’s was born, there was a shape up in restaurant industry. McDonald’s grows as a very …

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