West Nile Virus Discoverer Essay Sample

West Nile Virus Discoverer Essay Sample

… crimes are also due to socio-economic factors, the lack of affordable childcare also indirectly contributes to spiking crime rates. This is partially evident in the higher crime rates among African American neighborhoods.
The scrapping of childcare results has severely hurt many low-income families. However, the full social effects of these cuts will be seen as the children grow older.

A clean-up project for churches and schools
The growing piles of household trash represent a problem for many inner cities such as Baltimore. They are health hazards, breeding grounds for diseases such as SARS and the West Nile virus. To combat the problem of trash, the Baltimore Afro-American suggests a clean-up project involving two major institutions of the community – the churches and the schools.
The editorial rightly assumes that these two institutions represent a powerful organizing and unifying force in the African American community. Churches, in particular, are in a good position to influence the thoughts and actions of their community. The editorial thus calls on adults and church leaders to lead by example.
While the problem of trash may seem to be superficial and cosmetic, many theories believe that the way a neighborhood looks has …

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