Westjet Airline Human Resource Planning Essay Sample

Westjet Airline Human Resource Planning Essay Sample

… , HRD plays significant role in making the human resources vital, useful and purposeful.
It is against this background that this study seeks to investigate:

• How human resource development is known and practiced in the Ghana Water Company?
• Whether the inefficiencies are due to ineffective human resource development strategies or other contextual issues or factors.
• What changes can be incorporated in the company’s HR policies to enable them to survive.

Human resource planning for HRD should plan for human resources not only for he present and future jobs but also roles. Further, human resource planning should plan potentialities. These …

… bottlenecks or other contextual factors.
The last chapter will be conclusion, suggestions and recommendations as to how best human resource management can help to address the human resource problems in the company.


This project is an effort towards identifying the problems faced by both the human resource as well as the management in implementing HRD policies.
It also aims to provide to them a viable solution to resolve at least some of the existing problems faced by them
It is my hope that, at the end of this essay, politicians, Chief Executives, policy makers as well as …

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