What Is Freelance Writing?

What Is Freelance Writing?

What is the world freelance writing about? There are writers, authors and freelancers but what is the difference between these titles? They all involve writing of some kind. Writer is a title for anyone who writes anything at all, whether it is published or not. An author is typically someone who has had his or her writing published. What is a freelancer? A freelance writer is someone who writes independently, an independent contractor – attached to no one company, publishing house, or boss.

What are some examples of freelance writing? One week a writer could be putting together a query for a magazine article they have written for a popular news magazine. At another time, they could be writing up some blog posts for a new website. When that’s finished, perhaps they are doing an interview for an article the local newspaper has asked for. It can be that varied and can be something new and different each day.

There are freelance writers who specialize in certain areas. Some freelancers focus mainly on magazine articles, paying attention to what’s interesting and submitting their articles to publications that have their own circulation. Other freelance writers prefer to be contracted for the work beforehand and are given a list of instructions and a deadline to get the work done. No single way is better than another with it comes to a freelance writing job, it all depends entirely on the writer’s personal preference, comfort zone and previous experience.

Some freelance writers prefer to dabble in a little bit of everything. This type of diversification helps writers avoid potential downtime when a project is put on hold or they are between contracts. Doing online freelance writing work is a great way to keep income coming in while waiting to see if a publication will pick up one of a writer’s articles.

Some freelancers are actually ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is the practice of freelance writing where the author does not take any credit for the work. This is often used when someone is an expert in a certain area or owns a website, but may not be inclined or talented when it come to writing. Articles by professionals and on websites are a great marketing tool for many business people but they may need the help of a writer. A ghostwriter can never take credit for the work or attach their name to the pieces written but can still get paid for their expertise and written work.

Regardless of the freelance writing job you are interested in, there is work and money to be had in freelance writing. The great thing about freelancing is that writers can start small and do just a few simple projects and then add more complex and higher pay work as their knowledge and experience grows as a freelance writer.

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