The White Devil John Webster Essay Sample

The White Devil John Webster Essay Sample

… “God Bless America.”
However, for the people protesting the war, these surface displays are an inadequate indicator of patriotism. Though currently in the minority, the protesters locate their patriotism in speaking out against the war and in shielding their country from the winds of war.
Though both camps differ in …

… , lost much of their civil and political rights as they were relocated to internment camps in Arizona and New Mexico.
This period, described by John Okada in the novel No No Boy, presents a starker consequence of these conflicting concepts of patriotism in a time of war. Throughout much of …

… demands that protesters stop their disruptive activities and join in the task of “supporting the country.”
This view, however, presents a static, black and white picture of patriotism, similar to the definitions employed against the Japanese Americans in Okada’s novel. There are many layers to patriotism, many ways of …

… to the American public” (Roosevelt).

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