William Blake Tyger Satan Essay Sample

William Blake Tyger Satan Essay Sample

… to misunderstandings that over shadowed his career as a writer and artist. Although Blake is said to have poured his whole being into his work, only later generations came to recognize its significance.
William Blake was born in 1757, the third son of a London hosier, a lower-middle class occupation in the late eighteenth century. He received little formal schooling, which is considered remarkable given both …

… Milton and Greek and Latin classic literature, evident throughout his later works. His intellectual and psychological growth was greatly influenced by his brother, Robert, who died of consumption at the age of twenty. Blake, witnessing his brother’s death, remarked that he saw his brother’s soul “ascend heavenward clapping its hands for joy.” Blake had begun seeing visions as a child and when he was only …

… principal prose work. This work expressed Blake’s revolt against the established values of his time. “Prisons are built with stones of Law, brothels with bricks of Religion.” Radically he sided with the Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost and attacked the conventional religious views in a series of aphorisms.
While some of Blake’s critics viewed him as a lunatic based on his works n the …

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