William F Whyte Essay Sample

William F Whyte Essay Sample

William runs to a red and yellow plastic center and plays there, approaching is Alisa; Alisa and William are playing going in and out closing the door. As they play Alisa was going out of the door not knowing that William was behind her, and she accidentally closed the door on William’s finger. William loudly cried. Teacher Stacey heard the cries and rushed to where William was at.. She approached and observed the situation, then asks William. “What happened?” With a red face, watery eyes, and tears on his face William shows Stacey his right fingers. Stacey said “Oh the door closed on your fingers, William you fingers are fine.” She then says, “William go and wash your hands.” As William walks toward the sink he is looking at his right hand fingers. At the sink he turns on the water, pumps soap in his palm of hand and rubs his injured fingers his facial expression sad and unhappy. William continues to rub his injured finger.
William is at the sink for 2 minutes.

It appears that William rubbing his fingers indicates that he’s relieving the pain of the …

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