Window Theory And Mass Media Essay Sample

Window Theory And Mass Media Essay Sample

… experiences. These sprout from interaction with and influence of family, academic world, peer group and the all-so-popular mass media– the four most dominating agents of socialization (Agents of socialization).
I was fifth, born in a welfare family with …

… children. As Bernard Shaw rightly said for people like me: “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world” (Shaw). I began to view the world as a vicious place to live …

… to reason out life situations with morality, as suggested by Carol Gilligan (Stage theories of socialization). During the critical and frustrating phase of making our marriage life steady and fulfilling and to get things straight with her, I realized what …

… keep my children away from the world of glitz and glamour and violence, the all-so-popular world of media.
In short, life offers loads of opportunities to socialize and learn on our way to the old age. (Stage theories …

… =165
D.1: Diagram showing the elements of personality as outlined by the socialization theory coined by Sigmund Theory:

Note: Idea taken from the source titled Stage Theories of Socialization

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