Wine Papers Essay Sample

Wine Papers Essay Sample

An analysis of Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

… police direly wanted him, Pietro impersonated himself as an elder cleric and bore this deception throughout the rest of the story, being Don Paolo Spada.
Analysis of the Book
Pietro was an assertive and a dogmatic Communist in the start. On the contrary, he was coerced to sign certain papers that expressed his complete endorsement of several internal political issues of Russia whereto he did not concur. The disillusionment that began with this incidence caused Pietro to despise for the inflexible position he served. The feeling led to a serious confrontation with a faction superior in Rome who warned Pietro …

… story, Pietro was compelled, exactly as the writer Ignazio Silone himself was, to escape into banishment with the purpose of sustaining the struggle from far away.
Other than the ideas of strive and self-conscientiousness, the main theme of the novel is its title: Bread And Wine. Bread and wine are the unity of two equal and united things. This denotes a vision of the unanimity needed and the unity that governs Pietro‚Äôs notion of offering resistance. He is consuming bread with wine evermore to prepare his preferred food the same way as he strives incessantly to bind people …

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