Wireless Networking Dissertation Essay Sample

Wireless Networking Dissertation Essay Sample

… of a company to access information from other departments, or communicate with other employees, through computer applications that communicate over a network.
Client and Server
When computers communicate over a network, regardless of the type of its connection whether a
LAN or a WAN, the two important factors of networking is the Client and the Server.

In simple definition, the Client is the interface that makes a request while the Server is the interface that grants the Client’s request.

To provide a clear definition of the Client and Server terms, let us use a practical example of a WAN …

… . The type of these data transmission lines serves some factors in the performance speed of network communication. Two types of which are the twisted-pair cable and fiber-optic cable. In terms of the distance a data transmission can reach, fiber-optic is a better cable. Currently, however, a wireless networking has emerged in the field of network technology.

Network Interface Card (NIC) enables a computer to connect in a network. This is an internal device that processes data transmission before and after it passes through the network cables. NIC is an interface almost similar to video and sound cards …

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