Wislawa Szymborska Poem Meanings Essay Sample

Wislawa Szymborska Poem Meanings Essay Sample

… Symbolism in Poetry
Symbols are referents which many people use in order to: (1) describe abstract feelings and concepts into concrete ones, (2) reveal ideas or truths through the use of symbols, (3) used to evoke feelings or ideas through the use of symbolic meanings or simply by (4) representation. Symbolism are used in almost every aspect of people’s lives, such as the use of symbols in mathematics, science, anthropology, and other studies relevant to the study of human life. More importantly, the most difficult forms of symbolism are perhaps found in literature, wherein symbols are not bound by …

… , rich, exultant, wild,” which are opposite qualities of the innocent-like descriptions of sweet perfumes. Thus, through correspondences, Baudelaire was able to utilize symbolism through the use of the poem’s title, i.e., using the word ‘correspondences’ to represent the ‘correspondences’ or pairs that are found in the poem.
The second poem, “To The Reader,” is also a poem full of symbolism, and is also written by Baudelaire. In his poem, Baudelaire informs his reader that the worse thing that man can do in his life is not to do evil, but to live a life of boredom, that …

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