How to write a Receptionist Resume

How to write a Receptionist Resume

If you are a receptionist and you are applying for a job, you need to prepare a Receptionist Resume in which you have to mention all the tasks you perform as a receptionist.

Following is a list of functions usually performed by a receptionist which should be included in the resume:

  • Handles front office:

    A receptionist attends to all the visitors to the office- customers, suppliers, interview candidates. Even employees approach her for any assistance they need.

  • Attends to and screens calls:

    Usually all calls to the company office are routed to the receptionist’s desk.  She has to know how to operate the telephone switch board. When calls come in she has to know if she can handle the call herself or whether the call is to be connected to somebody else. People at senior levels may ask her to make a call and connect it to them.

  • Performs secretarial functions:

    A receptionist also performs secretarial functions like handling correspondence and filing documents which she should surely mention in a Receptionist Resume.

  • Performs administrative functions:

    Many offices do not have a separate administrative assistant. It is the receptionist who handles the administrative functions like maintaining leave records, looking after facilities and so on.

If you want to be a receptionist you need to have a basic degree. A very high educational qualification may pose a problem as the prospective employer may not even shortlist you assuming that you are ambitious and that you may not stay with them for a long time. You would be better off avoiding mention of a high educational degree.

If you have worked at senior positions elsewhere, you may not be considered for the job of a receptionist as the employer will feel that you will not be happy with such a junior role. So when you write a resume, remember to highlight only the jobs that you have done as a receptionist.

Receptionists should have basic computer knowledge. If they have done computer courses this fact should be mentioned in Receptionist Resumes.

Some resume writing tips:

  • Your resume should include your objective.
  • It should sound confident but not overbearing.
  • The ideal length of your resume would be a page.

If this is your first job and you are applying for the post of receptionist, the employer may hesitate to hire you as he will have to first train you. To avoid rejection, your resume should include all the skills you have which would help you as a receptionist like communication skills, typing skills, computer skills and so on.

There are resume templates on the internet which you can use to prepare a resume.

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