How to write a Resume Cover Letter

How to write a Resume Cover Letter

You may have prepared your resume with the help of  a resume wizard or by using a Resume Writing Service. However, if you think that applying for a job means just handing over your resume, you need to think again. A resume is important when applying for any job, but equally important is the resume cover letter or the job application letter.

Your prospective employer or the hiring manager will first glance through this letter and only then move on to your resume whether it is a bookkeeper resume or a human resource resume. Those few seconds when he reads the letter will decide whether he will take the trouble of reading your resume. If the cover letter fails to impress, you will not stand a chance of being considered for the job.

The letter you write will consist of 3 parts:

  • The opening paragraph:

    In this paragraph, you will introduce yourself and mention the post you are applying for. You will explain how you came to know about the vacancy and express your interest in the job.

  • The second paragraph:

    This paragraph of the resume cover letter is the core. In this, you will mention your education, qualifications and experience. In other words you will tell the hiring manager how you are suited for the job and why he should hire you. You will showcase your skills and positive characteristics in brief.

  • The closing paragraph:

    In this paragraph you should convince your prospective employer that you are very serious about wanting to work in that particular company. Mention your contact number saying that you are willing to provide any additional information if required. You end by expressing hope that you would be considered for the post and that you would be called for an interview.

Resume cover letters are required whichever way you are sending your resume.You will send your resume by post, by email or you may personally deliver it at the employer’s office.

  • If you are sending the letter by post or delivering it at the office, you should place the cover letter above the resume and then fold them and place them in an envelope.
  • When you are sending the resume by email, the normal practice is to send the cover letter as email text.

You have to take the trouble of finding the name or at least the designation of the person to whom you are supposed to send the resume. The cover letter should be addressed to that person.

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