Writing Freelance Articles for the Internet

Writing Freelance Articles for the Internet

When it comes to freelance writing, there are different markets for freelancers who write for print and those who write for the web. The clientele, the pay range, and the method or styles of writing are all different approaches depending on whether the end product is for publication or the Internet. Freelancing for print often involves processes like query letters, simultaneous submissions and building relationships with editors.

Writing for the Internet has a whole other set of expectations including search engine optimization, keyword tools, ghostwriting, and creating content for social media. Articles written and sold to clients for online use generally pay a smaller rate than a print article, but there is an abundance of opportunity for online article work.

Article Sites

There are dozens of sites online that work as dedicated article directories. These websites are always looking for new articles to add to their database. Popular article directory sites include EzineArticles.com and HubPages. Some article sites, such as Examiner.com, hire writers on a regular basis to submit articles to their sites. Many of these sites, like Helium, encourage freelance authors to write about topics they are familiar with.


A large portion of freelance article writing is paid for by clients looking to populate their web pages with fresh and current content. Any website looking to develop an online presence and generate more traffic is utilizing some type of blog. However, to keep traffic interested the blog must be maintained and frequently updated. Not all business owners are writers or are interested in investing time and effort into keeping a blog updated. This is where freelance writers come in as hired ghostwriters, tasked with writing content for website owners.

One of the most important attributes that an online freelance writer should bear in mind is that s/he must always be flexible, and be ready to research topics that they might not be terribly familiar with. From my own personal experience, I have had to write articles/blogs on politics, port economics, property values, healthy exercise regimes, global positioning, photography and governmental policies. The cross section of possible topics is as wide and varied as there are business and organisational interests on the World Wide Web.

Online Publications

With books for sale online, self publishing is becoming more and more popular, especially with the demand for e-readers and mobile apps. There are plenty of different types of publications available seeking freelance articles to build their products. These online magazines and ezines, newspapers, and websites are constantly looking for writing talent to keep these publications viable.

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