Yukl Research Papers Leadership Essay Sample

Yukl Research Papers Leadership Essay Sample

… few years later, Bass (1985) expanded the theory and created the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) to help track the evolution of the leadership styles. A few years later, Avolio and Bass (1991) introduced leadership theoretical models which included three styles of leadership:
1. transactional
2. transformational
3. laissez-faire.
These three styles are essential elements in this research and are discussed in greater detail in the body …

… Relationship Area Managers’ cannot be ensured.
3. This study was mainly concerned with examining the effects of leadership styles upon organizational commitment of AT&T Network Services Customer Service Manager’s. Therefore, future research is recommended to discover factors influencing OC at other levels of the company.
4. All subjects of the study were Customer Service managers and Area managers within the AT&T Network Services Customer …

… an employee has been employed in the present organization
Transformational leadership: “the process of influencing major changes in attitudes and assumptions of organizational members and building commitment for the organizations’ mission and objectives” (Yukl, 1989, p. 204). This leadership style focuses on the leader-follower relationship to benefit both the individuals involved and the organization as a whole (Bass, 1990; Bass & Avolio, 1994; Burns, 1978). Transformational leaders …

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