Zero Tolerance Essay Sample

Zero Tolerance Essay Sample

… This is a one page application/admission essay.
Personal Statement
The world today is a complex and diverse place to live. Gone are the days when all that really mattered to our lives was contained in the blocks of our neighborhoods and towns. Technology has opened our landscape to include the world. Cable television gives us instant news coverage of global events. The Internet makes it possible to access information in seconds that may have taken hours in a library. The Internet has also enabled us to communicate with total strangers across the globe from the comfort of our homes. …

… , our differences seem so trivial and silly. We are not only a global village, we are village from the same source, whatever name is attached to it, Father, the big bang, God, god, goddess, Allah, or simply the light. Perhaps as the global market place expands, so will our tolerance for another’s race, culture and religion, for life is truly too short to live otherwise.
Work Cited
McLuhan, T.C. Touch The Earth. Promontory Press. 1971.

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