Zoot Suit By Luis Valdez Summary Essay Sample

Zoot Suit By Luis Valdez Summary Essay Sample

… teacher’s instruction and is willing to participate in the group activity. He does not have to rely on the help of his peers to locate a pencil, but finds one himself. His fine motor skills are demonstrated through his ability to draw a picture.

12:25- 12:27
Luis is sitting down looking at a piece of paper while holding a pencil with his right hand. He then stretches his body to the carpet and lays on the carpet. Both of his elbows are on the carpet and his hands are open, one hand holding his chin, the other …

… she said: “Muevete Luis.”

Interpretation: Interaction and express choice
Luis talked with his classmate. He appears to enjoy and engage in normal interaction with others. He happily answers his classmates question regarding his reasoning for his art. He is demonstrating the ability to make decisions and personal choices that suit his style and sense of self-expression, a skill that often develops early in childhood. Again, he is demonstrating appropriate social skills for someone his age by interacting in a friendly manner with his classmate.

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