Dissertation Review Concepts

Dissertation Review Concepts

The process of writing a dissertation review has nothing to do with dissertation writing. Actually, you will be using another person’s dissertation paper and analyze it. This is where your skills as a good reader come into place. Reviewing another document makes it possible for you to dig further the unknown information in a research paper. Let me guide you with the steps in writing a dissertation review.

If you can use free dissertation papers for your review, try to search for those that come from reputable sources. University and custom writing company sites are the best sources of these files.

You can prepare your review with the following parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

As you can see it is like writing a simple essay only that you will be analyzing another research paper. Make sure that you use this format for optimum coherence and clarity of discussions.

You must first analyze the dissertation topic, evaluate and provide your opinion whether the subject is significant and relevant to the readers. Mention that true benefits of writing about the topic.

It is also important that you analyze the contents of the dissertation paper. Try to search for parameters that greatly reflect the idea of the paper. For example you can target the methodology chapter and mention how the research has performed in writing the chapter.

You can also mention the formatting style and layout design of the paper. Provide your personal take on whether the paper was written in a way that entices readers. This will give other reviewers the idea to analyze the same concept.

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