How to Make a Cover Page

How to Make a Cover Page

Writing teaches a lot of things. It makes one learn the art of putting across his opinion, the craft of presenting his findings in an interesting manner, it also makes students become skilled at many other writing aspects. They are taught how to do a research paper, and that includes selecting good research topics, the importance of the arrangement of the research paper outline, how to make a cover page, and other factors that greatly affect the quality of writing. Indeed, your paper, whether it is an essay, research paper, or dissertation has important parts that influences its value.

Your paper cover page may vary, depending on the paper format that your teacher has required you to use. However, common elements of a cover page are:

Your project title. The title of your paper is one important ingredient of your work. It is what immediately catches your reader’s attention. It must be presented on your cover page, using readable fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. Never use decorated prints when you are dealing with research papers or thesis. It makes your work informal or casual. By no means that you would use over sized prints either. Again, your front page must be neat and perfect.

The name of the writer/researcher. Print your name, including your middle initial. If you are doing a group project, make certain that the names of all members are included and that each name had been correctly printed.

 The name of the professor. This is normally included. It will always be polite and appropriate to include the name of the person who will be checking your paper. Then again, it depends on the guidelines provided by the instructor. Make certain that you adhere to his specifications, so as you would know exactly how you are supposed to submit your presentation.

The subject name. Aside from the title of your work, you should also include the academic subject. Be specific. Make certain that the details you provide on your cover page are accurate and exact.

The date of the submission. Add in the submission date of your project, this can be used as reference and is a valuable aspect of your research paper as well.

Your cover page must set the tone of your project. It is a crucial part of your assignment. Make certain that you do not put anything that will make it look less conventional. Indeed, it has to be flawless. There should be no typographical error. This is what gives your project’s first impression. Make a remarkable notion by creating your front page efficient and simple. Do not include unnecessary details. Ask your professor’s approval whenever possible.

As one learns how to make a cover page, he may also become familiar of its different types. It is imperative for you to know which style is called for before you begin working on your project. The ability to meet up the research paper requirements lies on the capacity to efficiently deliver each aspect of the project.

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